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Furnished apartments in jbeil in a 35 year old family owned building with no lift, that was renovated last year. Those apartments were also built on the 3rd floor in 2009.

I was born and raised in this area and even though, I spend every summer looking for a moderate and comfortable place to spend the weekends with my kids, and I am never lucky for many reasons:

§ Prices in beach resorts are becoming unreasonable….

Even though I believe property owners are reasonable because Jbeil beach is awesome after all!

§ Hotels are fully booked ahead of time, and before the summer begins; if there is any last minute deal, the price would still be unreasonable (I needed at least 2 rooms).

§ Reasonable Furnished Apartments are rare, too far (above voie 13 road, blat...) or too expensive, and people usually do not like to rent out their personal places in downtown jbeil.

So I started this project keeping in mind what I personally need during my stay in Jbeil?

I do not need a hotel….but rather a Hotel Alternative…Simply a Self Service Place to Stay in this Old Phoenician City . A place where we walk the kids around the Old Port and enjoy our summer weekends on the beach .

PLease check the Photo Gallery and the FAQ as well for more info, and if you may need any further information, do not hesitate to let me know.

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